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Cherry Red   (  - written by Esnaf)

The deep pounding of the bass permeated the stuffy air in the room, even as Gunnhild burrowed deeper beneath her blankets and increased the volume of her music to dangerous levels. Groaning, she shifted around, blindly taking her earbuds out, flinging them across the bed.

Nope, it was just making it worse, and she’d rather come out of it with her ears intact at least.

Gunnhild wasn’t even sure what the reasoning behind today’s party was; it wasn’t anyone’s birthday(she’s checked, even as she has reminders set a day before the actual birth date for each one of the tenants in the White House), not that Torstein or anyone else needed a reason anyhow.

It’s not that she disliked parties; far from it, as her liver immediately reminds her, along with a ghost sensation resembling a hangover, but today she just wanted to relax, get some homework done, and eventually maybe even finally write that poem that’s been sitting at the edge of her consciousness, begging to be put on paper, but just as she’d typed out her first word, Torstein let out a shout and the atmosphere in the house exploded with the first few notes of their party playlist.

Just as she turned her gaze to the ceiling in exasperation as Torstein let out another inhuman shriek, her mind drifted to the one place she tried to avoid going. The stars taped to the ceiling, curtesy of one of the previous inhabitants, with the moon placed strategically in the center, staring right back at Gunnhild, and illuminating her thoughts.

Luna, the girl she’d somehow managed to make out with, even with the fact that sober Gunnhild had no game, and she can’t imagine her drunk self having much more, but apparently Luna found it charming enough.

The odd thing was that she didn’t know much about her; sure, she was familiar with the basics; where she came from, what she was studying, which instruments she could play, but when it comes to her likes and dislikes, little petpeevs and other little things, she came up empty. Not for her lack of trying, though, but she couldn’t help turning into a mumbling idiot whenever they talked during the day. She couldn’t help it, not with Luna’s piercing stare aimed straight at her. The way Luna looked at her made her shiver in the best possible way, not like she was a piece of meat, or the laughing stock of the party, but like Luna was actually listening to her, seeing the real her, hidden by layers of awkwardness and nervousness.

And yet, she felt like she wasn’t seeing Luna at all, at least not permeating the cool façade that clung to her like a second skin.

Luna seemed strangely absent, sort of muted, whenever they talked, as if she just wanted her to say her piece and leave her alone, which hurt more than Gunnhild expected it would.

With a sigh, she resigned herself to a night of loud music and even louder thoughts, but just as she was about to plug in her laptop, the door(she still couldn’t believe she actually had one, after months of only a flimsy curtain separating her from the rest of the house) opened to reveal a disheveled-looking Sara.
“Gunnhild, c’mon, you’ve been in your room the whole day, you need to relax a bit.” she said, peering down at Gunnhild.

“But Sara, what if she’s here?”

Sara rolled her eyes good naturedly, knowing even who ‘she’ was, even without direct confirmation. Such is the life of her long-suffering best friend. “No, she’s not, I saw her going into her room with Billie, they’re probably practicing or talking about the band. So relax and live a little.”

Gunnhild let her eyes dart from her laptop to Sara, mind running a hundred miles a minute with the new input of information. Truth be told, she could use a distraction from her thoughts.

“Sure, do we have anything other than kiwi beer? I think my stomach can’t handle it again.”

“Don’t let Ivar hear you!” said Sara, “But yes, we have some wine in the kitchen.”

“Cool.” Gunnhild nodded.

Momentarily, she debated changing clothes, but ultimately decided against it. Her classmates have all heard about her adventure with her little pony, and if she could handle that level of embarrassment, she could handle being seen in her pyjamas.

Surprisingly, the first floor was mostly empty, with some people she didn’t really recognize hogging the sofa, but otherwise she slipped into the kitchen unnoticed.

The cheap bottle of merlot laid unopened on the kitchen island, clearly not everyone shared her opinion on kiwi beer. She shrugged and poured herself some in a throwaway cup, not willing to risk using glass again, especially during a party.

Suddenly, her phone ringed, and she glanced down to find a message from her parents, along with a selfie. They’re checking in, as they often do, now that she’s away from them. It’s reassuring, knowing that at least they appreciate her company. It probably helps that she doesn’t get anxious around them, as she often does around others.

Quickly, she opened the messages app and began writing a response, suddenly overcome with longing.

Should I send them a selfie, or is that too-


In the moment, she wasn’t sure what startled her more; the sudden cry in her ear, or the fact that she collided with Luna of all people, and spilled wine all over her shirt, her white shirt. Nevermind that Luna’s staring at her with an amused tinge to her lips, or that she’s wearing that stupidly hot yellow flannel that makes the caramel tinge in her eyes stand out- and that terribly permanent red stain all over her t-shirt. It’s a miracle the flannel stayed untouched.

“God -I’m so sorry, I didn’t-” she began, cheeks already red with embarrassment. I should have stayed in my room!

Luna shrugged, the motion coming to her easily, as if she’s not covered in cheap red wine. “I didn’t like this shirt that much anyway, don’t worry about it.”

She felt herself reddening further, if such a thing were possible, as Luna’s eyes trailed over her slowly, as If she were a painting displayed in a museum. “I do like yours though, it’s very on brand.” she winked, amusement coming off her in waves.

The pony drawn on the front of her shirt suddenly felt like a brand forced upon her skin. Which it kind of was, thanks to her spilling the beans last semester. She wasn’t the girl with the dragon tattoo, but the girl with the my little pony fetish – even if it only happened once!

Figures that the first time she decides against changing, she runs straight into Luna, of all people, who already didn’t think Gunnhild was cool, let alone upon seeing her in my little pony pyjamas. Curse her and her terrible luck.

She forces out laugh that scratches the inside of her throat as it comes out, sounding as strangled as she felt in the moment. “Oh, this thing? It’s actually not something I wear, but my mom packed it and it’s kinda the only thing I have that’s clean right now-“

Air froze in her lungs as Luna grasped her shoulder, the pressure warm and comforting, but gentle at the same time. “Relax, I was only teasing. You don’t have anything to feel embarrassed about.”

Gunnhild swore her lips moved on their own accord, splitting into a grin so huge it hurt. Here she was, standing in front of a wine-soaked Luna, and she was the one being comforted. It sent a tingle down her spine, knowing all of Luna’s attention was on her.

Her palms felt clammy, but Luna seemingly did not mind, as she covered Gunnhild’s hand with one of her own, both now resting on the wall. She had such long, elegant fingers, that no doubt played a part in her musical capabilities, but instead of playing the guitar, she was playing Gunnhild like a fiddle, who couldn’t help her reaction to Luna and her casual touches.

“I like what you did with your door,” she continued, seemingly unaffected by their closeness, “it’s very i-don’t-give-a-damn what people think of me.”

Gunnhild swallowed, trying to resist the urge to feel her pulse, and as she breathed in, she was met with the sharp smell of alcohol from Luna’s shirt. “Well, if people are going to remember me only as the pony girl, it’s better that I embrace it instead of feeling embarrassed over it.”

“Mhm, I suppose it would suck to suffer embarrassment on account of that for three years. I imagine it would grow old fast.” she nodded, her thumb tracing patterns into Gunnhild’s skin.

“It grew old the second time I heard it, to be honest. At least I know that whatever I say while drunk can’t be worse than that.”

“Now that’s a good way of looking at it.” she laughed, and Gunnhild found herself transfixed by her lips. She had lipgloss on, and Gunnhild wondered how it tasted. Would it be banana like last time?

It suddenly struck her that she knew what Luna’s lips tasted like, but not other, less intimate things. She wanted to know it all, to have Luna tell her even the most mundane details about herself, anything just to get closer to her on an emotional level.

Emboldened by the way Luna was looking at her, she raised her other hand to the small of Luna’s back, feeling the rough material of the flannel beneath her fingertips.

It all led to the pit in her stomach expanding as Luna quickly removed her hand, almost jumping away from her, as Sara sauntered into the kitchen, oblivious to the moment the two had shared.

“Luna,” she greeted breezily, as she grabbed a bottle of kiwi beer, “Did you and Billie murder somebody? Will I find a body in your room?”

“Oh,” said Luna, staring down at her shirt as if seeing the stain for the first time, “yeah I’ve had a little accident with Gunnhild, but it’s fine. Billie’s probably looking for me, now that you’ve mentioned it. I’ll see you two later.”

The fact that she left without a glance back at Gunnhild should not have hurt as much as it did. Maybe a stronger person would not have cared, but she was painfully aware of the fact that she simply was not one of them.

“You wanna play truth or dare with Alex, Peter, Torstain and me?” asked Sara, the bottle of kiwi beer almost half empty in her hand. Maybe she was onto something.

“Sure,” was out of her mouth before her brain even registered the question. More people. More alcohol. The perfect combination for her to stop thinking so damn much and just relax.

Six rounds of truth and dare, and two hours later, Gunnhild was left pleasantly buzzed. Isn’t it weird how the world makes more sense when it’s blurry?

Half and hour later, and Gunnhild was seriously regretting switching to beer.

Five minutes later, she was kneeling in front of the toilet, as the life seemed to drain out of her through her mouth, and her thoughts all seemed to be focused on managing the exceedingly complicated task of breathing.

Slowly, she leaned away from the toilet, resting against the tiled wall, silently hoping no one would enter, because she definitely felt like she couldn’t move.
“Shit, bad time?”

God fucking damn it. She wanted to bang her head against the wall in frustration, and by the look on Luna’s face, she might have actually done so.

“Are you okay?” she asked, kneeling down to her level, hand going to her forehead, blessedly cool against the heated skin. “Do you need me to bring you a glass of water?”

“Yes, please,” she managed to grind out, feeling queasy again.

What seemed like an eternity later; but probably just a few minutes, Luna emerged with a full glass of water, along with some mints.

“Thought it would be easier than brushing your teeth,” she shrugged and then proceeded to sit on the toilet seat, gazing down at Gunnhilld.

“Wow,” she mumbled, mouth finally up to forming more complex sentences, “I think I almost feel human again. Sorry you had to see that.”

“See what? It’s not fair how you manage to look cute even when you’re cosplaying as a zombie. Really makes me wish I looked that cute when sick too, maybe Billie would actually carry me sometimes.” she laughed, completely oblivious to the effect her words had on Gunnhild, whose blush returned for a record third performance that night.

“But Luna, you are!” She didn’t know whether to blame it on the alcohol, or the absolute exhaustion that seemed to render her unable to filter out her words.

“Oh,” she blinked, “You think I’m cute?”

“N-No,” she stuttered, brain freezing in the heat of the moment, the embarrassment quickly becoming too much to bear. Thankfully, her legs seemed to have recovered enough that she was able to stand up slowly, ready to flee to her room, where she wouldn’t have to deal with her feelings for Luna.

“You don’t?” asked Luna, looking rather shocked at the reveal, maybe even hurt.

“I mean I do, but not just cute, you’re beautiful. You could totally ditch school and make it as a model, I mean, because you’re you, you know?” and just like usual, the speechlessness turned into word vomit with the speed of light.

Slowly, Luna stood up, coming face to face with Gunnhild. Again, her hands found their way on Gunnhild’s waist, slowly inching closer, and before she knew it, Luna had her pressed against the wall of the bathroom.

“Thanks,” she murmured, their lips touching as Luna got closer.

Through the haze of her mind, only one thought lingered, as Luna’s hands wandered all over her body, and their lips fused into one.

She tastes like banana lipgloss again.






Koi No Yokan      ( - written by LilyLupin)



Koi No Yokan: The feeling upon first meeting someone that you will inevitably fall in love with them.

A story about Luna’s perspective of her relationship with Gunnhild during season one until their first time.



So I love Lunnhild! I started writing this a while ago and decided to post since there are so little works about Lovleg. Hope you like it!


Read the whole fanfic here, and you can give kudos directly to the Author:






The Stairs         -    ( written by Alie  - translated by Gry )


Gunnhild is walking down from the 2nd floor. She's been talking to Ivar - The World's Best Man! Everybody thought he was a nerd, gaming all nights, but he suddenly turns out to have a rich social web life with good friends,  even a webgirl.  Ivar - whose life became meaningless when Frank Zappa died.

Gunnhild often looks at Ivar as a kind of superman with a double life. Here at Sandane he goes a little under the radar, but Gunnhild has heard exciting stories about Ivar's rescue operationsin Hennebygda. He has rescued several goats and lambs who have been stuck on mountain shelves in steep mountains, almost with his own life as an effort. Frank Zappa was such a goat that he had once rescued from the mountain, so she understands well that Ivar was so sad when the goat died a month ago.

Ivar - The World's Best Man! He often made a contribution as a driver, but never demanded to get paid. Gunnhild has now had a serious chat with him. She has received exam-related tips for the subjects Ivar took lastyear, which she now has this year. She feels a bit grown up when she has now agreed to give him a small amount of money for all the driving this winter. But Ivar has been told strictly not to mention this to anyone else, especially not to Sara. Because she knows Sara has poor finances. Gunnhild, on the other hand, has just received some money from her parents, so she can afford to pay Ivar a little for fuel for the car. She smiles for herself as she walks toward the stairs. "For chocolate in the exam time" it said on the message from Mum, with a transfer of NOK 3000. Imagine if she would buy chocolate for all that money .... she envisions a whole mountain of chocolate and herself sitting on the top with a milk chocolate in one hand and with the pencilbox in the other .......

Gunnhild has just come to the stairs when she suddenly hears a familiar voice down there humming and someone walking up the stairs. She looks down .... at Luna. Suddenly it feels like the heart is jumping over a couple of strokes. She hasn`t met Luna alone since before Easter when she somehow broke up with her. Gunnhild gets a kind of throwback standing in the stairs looking at Luna. "Oh, hey," she says, "Just been talking to Ivar and ..."

"Gunnhild ....", Luna interrupts with her deep warm voice, the one who can melt through almost everything. She has stopped at the bottom of the stairs and looks up towards Gunnhild. Then her gaze folds, she bites a bit in her lip, looksat the wall of the well-known picture of a bridal couple who no one really knows who is, it has probably been hanging there since previous tenants, or even longer. Luna blinks a bit with her eyes, tightens her lips a little before she attaches her gaze to Gunnhild again. "I wonder if I..... or .... or you .... or we .. ..." She looks down.

Gunnhild wants to just run down and embrace Luna and kiss her, but something stops her from doing that. She goes one step down - this is just like the first time Luna kissed her sober, but now the table is turned in a strange way. She looksdown at Luna and says: "I think I understand.... you might want us to try again?" Gunnhild smiles and walks slowly step by step down the stairs while she is talking. "Take it a little more chill? ..... Or is it maybe a little 50's?"

She stops when she has come halfway down the stairs. "Come here," she says. Luna slowly comes up to her. "Sit down," says Gunnhild. They sit down on the same step in the middle of the stairs. "Close eye," says Gunnhild. Then she kisses Luna, first on one cheek, then at the other,and finally in the forehead. When Luna opens her eyes, they are shining tears. She bites a little in her lip and asks straightforward: "Gunnhild, it's so much you don't know about me yet. I would like you to be better acquainted with me - would you? I wantto hang with you .... I would like to ask you .... on some kind of date ...? .... ". Gunnhild nods and says weakly while the pulse knocks: "Yes, I would like to join you on date. There is a lot more of me that you can become better acquainted with too ". Gunnhild takes Luna's hands and looks at her. "Can we meet right after the last exam, then we get concentrated in exam time?" Luna nods. She has already thought about where she wants to go with Gunnhild, and says: "But I cannot promise that I will not flirt a bit,if I see you occasionally before that". She smiles teasingly. "It must be allowed," says Gunnhild and laughs a little. Luna bends towards Gunnhild and keeps her hands shaped like a funnel against one of her ear and whispers: "I think you are sweet". Then shegently turns Gunnhild's head with one hand and whisper in her other ear. Gunnhild is not sure, but she thinks Luna says "I actually think I love you.."




Fanfic about Jo         -    ( by Jo (?) )

It is rare to get a letter in the mail these days. I think that's too bad because letters are tangible. Contrary to words on a screen. What is it with a letter? You can feel it, smell it, hold it in your hand – and it reminds you of a dear friend in the same way as your morning coffee cup or a song that gets you dancing.

I got a postcard today. Alex's handwriting hit me in the gut, and I had to sit down on the bench next to the letterbox stand. My thoughts returned to Sandane. I had to breathe deeply; Breath through my stomach.

I’d already been living in the block of bed-sitters for two years when Alex moved in. It was my final year at Firda. His first. When I asked where he was from, I only got a sly smile. But I know he came by plane from Portugal.

We were like night and day. Me, who grew up in the rural area in Western Norway, and had barely stepped outside my door. He, a citizen of the world. Both because he had moved around a lot both at home and abroad, but also because he had thoughts on tolerance, and he saw everyone as a large family. He said that all kinds of barriers, both national and mental, led to conflict.

Alex fascinated me from day one. He became a gateway into a new world, and he shared generously of his experiences and ideas. Or, at least that last part. It wasn't often he was personal, at least not in the beginning. We spent many long hours in his room. He introduced me to his photos, and I said he was an artist. I listened to his music. Some of it was interesting, some of it touched me. I soaked everything up. Alex said I was a good listener. That wasn't so strange since I had so little to tell him. Even if I was 18 and he was 16, he had the knowledge and could inspire, teach, shape. Alex was so dedicated and good at everything. He got good grades. Told me about India. Spoke fluent French. Together with Alex, I felt like the whole world was close.

I’d been in love before. The first time was in Linn; she was incredibly kind and caring, which was early in junior secondary school. I never told her. Later on, I started caring for Erik, and we started dating. He was always positive and easy to be around. But we didn't stay together long enough for it to become anything serious.

This falling in love business could be pretty confusing. Ever since I was a child, I felt like I was different from the others. When I started falling in love, it became obvious that I was different. Boys or girls; that didn't matter to me. I fell in love with humans. Personalities. Alex helped me figure that out as well. He knew what it meant to be pansexual. And with this knowledge, I felt like I was getting closer to the rest of the world. Sometimes, labels can be liberating.

Alex was one who quickly gained others' trust. Peter admired him, that was obvious. And Sara was like a baby sister he took under his wings. Luna sought Alex to discuss big questions about society and people. I sat by his feet like a disciple; willing to learn. And I didn't admire him just with my thoughts. It wasn’t just my thoughts he formed and trained.

I had no experience with sex when I met Alex. I'd kissed Erik, but nobody else, and done nothing more. With Alex, everything was easy and natural. I felt comfortable in his arms, his gaze and his big heart. We were together constantly. Sometimes behind his door, sometimes behind mine. Sara laughed at him and said he was obsessed. He sent her a hard look that quickly turned mild and smiling.

Alex told me how important it was for him to settle down. There had been a lot of moving around, so many broken relations, so many "hello's" and "goodbyes." This time he wanted it to be different. I felt he gave me a great gift. Too great? Our souls were intertwined; one would be alone without the other. "Who do you think I am?" he asked me once. "Can you see my make-up? Can you see my dress?" I only laughed. "As if I think about that? You're kidding!" was my only answer.

Alex became like earth, light, and water to me, and I grew. Maybe it happened a little bit too fast? I felt like I had a short time to cross the threshold. During the winter, I busied myself with several other things. Homework, parties celebrating the end of upper secondary and being a part of in the show group took up more of my time. I started planning my time after upper secondary and told Alex that I wanted to go abroad. I was thrilled and excited. Alex thought it was a stupid idea.

It didn’t matter that I still cared for him. The door to Alex was shut. “I don’t care that you’re leaving. You don’t exist to me anymore.” Those were harsh words. In retrospect, I saw that it came out of fear. When people are afraid of losing someone, they say things they don’t mean. And he’d made himself vulnerable by showing me who he was. So I sent him postcards to show him that the world isn’t that large and that people can be close to one another in their minds. But I never got an answer. Until now.

“Dear Jo! I hope you’re enjoying San Fransisco. I think about you a lot. Are you going home during the summer? I'm sorry for thinking I owned you. That was wrong of me. But can I please rent a room in you? Your Alex."

The sun is warming my back and I slowly get up from the bench. I hold the postcard with the picture of Sandane close to my chest. And I am feeling an intense joy at thinking that plane ticket is ready for the trip home in May. Then It'll be me who will fly in and land at Sandane Airport Anda. And I’ll be bringing a piece of the big world home with me. Myself.




Peter    - (translated by Påskeharen)

Peter dried his brown, tousled hair after his shower and started towards his closet. He was done with his workout session for the day, that felt good. He was ahead of the program he had made for himself, both regarding weights and condition training.
After catching a short glimpse of himself in the mirror, he looked away. Old habits die hard. He looked in the mirror again. He was a nice looking fella, right? An ordinary bloke, nothing
wrong with him. But he hadn`t managed to think like that all the time. A couple of years ago, his gym session was a necessary nightmare, and his thought pattern dark and winding.

When did it start? He wasn`t sure, to this day he didn`t know where it came from. But it had changed, with great help and dedicated work. He was healthy now. But he was aware he had to exercise continuously; not his body first and for most, but his mind as well. Think well of himself, not have too high expectations, rest in God’s love.

He got dressed. Some food would do him well now. Luckily, the joy of eating had returned to him. His diet was healthy and well planned; he rarely ate noodles, to put it like that. But he ate enough, enjoyed his food and splurged once in a blue moon, without getting depressed afterwards. People without eating disorders could not imagine what kind of prison this illness is. The most natural thing in the world, namely eating, becomes a source of anxiety and shame.

At first, he had felt alone in this feeling. But after he joined the Youth Group at the Young Peoples Psychiatric Out-Patient Clinic, and met with others who had the same problem, it became easier. Peter packed his bag and walked towards the exit. It was probably
cold outside, so he put his cap on, and pulled the zipper of his jacket almost to the top.
Youth Group was where he first med Billie.

She was so pissed off at first. When it was her turn to talk about her eating disorder in the group, she raged towards her parents, teachers, the system, everything. Peter was almost afraid. He was quiet and cautious, himself, trying to be invisible. As time passed, they had learned a thing or two from each other. Billie calmed down. She said she stopped caring about what other people thought of her. Most people are busy enough with themselves, so why worry? Peter had gotten angrier, in a good way. He learned that it was okay to stand up for himself, speak up, fight back if he needed.

They started going to cafés after the group. In some ways, there was therapy in that as well. And it also became clear to him that not only was Billie honest and straight-forward but also soft and warm. She was the one who encouraged him to post pictures of himself on Insta. «You’re so good looking! Be proud of yourself and don’t be afraid to let people see who you are!» They laughed a lot together. Peter fell in love with her. He couldn`t help it.

At first, he thought he confused the mutual understanding and support with love. But the feeling did`t pass. Even after they finished therapy, and her boyfriend started playing on his handball team, his feelings continued to grow. He found himself pretending that he was the reason Billie was up in the bleachers during their matches. He had a feeling… But it was probably just his imagination.

They didn`t talk that much anymore, just chatted for a bit if they met in the hallway; when she was on her way to Luna. The last time he saw her, she`d hugged him and said: «It was great seeing you getting angry!» Peter had cursed on the field after an incredibly lame decision by the referee. It wasn’t much to be proud of, but he was happy Billie had seen him and liked what she had seen.

Billie was so beautiful. She only reached to his chest, but he felt like she embraced all of him with her being. He liked who he was with her. And she seemed to like him as well. But probably just as a friend.

Peter didn`t have any experience with girls; he had had so many other things on his mind all through junior school, what with his workouts, the illness, and everything. So it was pretty hopeless that when he first fell in love, it was with a girl well beyond his reach. Of course, there were other girls he could date. He easily noticed that Eline, who also was a Confirmation Leader, flirted with him. They were pretty similar and could probably go together well. And Gunhild gave him his first kiss. But he didn’t want anyone else besides Billie, didn’t wasn’t to kiss anyone else just for the sake of doing it. It was Billie he dreamed of. Everything about her was beautiful; her smile, her eyes, her breasts swaying under her shirt, her hips when she wore tight skirts…

He was almost at his block of bedsitters when he ran into her. There she was out of nowhere. Had he called to her in his mind? She pulled her scarf up to her chin and gazed at him with a look he’d never seen before. She, who usually was so cool, used to the headlights, and straight-forward, seemed unsure and stammered for a bit as she said: «Peter, I… think about you a lot. And miss you. I can’t pretend anymore. So I broke up with him. I wasn’t going to say it like this, but then you came just now… and then… Can we talk?»

The café called Lauget was open, and there they were again like no time had passed. And
Billie had feelings for him! Peter felt strangely safe despite the unexpected situation. He didn`t want to back down now, become invisible or silent. Was it a higher power that made him so sure of himself? 
«I’m very unsure, Peter. You know, we’re so different from each other…,» she said. Peter took both her hands in his and leant towards her across the table. «We’re not that different,» he said and surprised himself by doing so. It was just as if he’d heard it before, maybe in a dream? To make him ready for this moment? «Maybe we’re a bit different, but feelings aren’t always logical, you know.»

The kiss that followed was everything he`d dreamed it would be. And Peter hungered for more. It was so scary and lovely that he couldn`t plan everything, like a workout program. Love just happens on its own if you let it. And he wasn`t going to be the one holding back.




The Easter Break  - (written by Alie , translated by Påskeharen )

At the cinema 14.04.2019. 06:55 pm

«Oh, Gunnhild, you’ve the nicest parents!» Sara sighs and leans a bit towards Gunnhild as they go towards the ticket booth at the cinema. «How nice of your Mum to give us money for the cinema, it`s going to be a nice change from watching Netflix on my computer, to put it mildly.»
Sarah smiles at Gunnhild, who smiles back and answers: «Yeah, I’m just glad she didn’t insist on tagging along, she’s always analysing the film afterwards, and it`s pretty tiring.» They buy their tickets and some candy, before making their way into the semi-dark movie theatre and find their seats. They bought their tickets a bit late, so they got seats on the far end of one of the rows. It`s a long time since Gunnhild has been here at the cinema, the last years she felt embarrassed about going to the cinema with just her Mum, so then she just ended up dropping it. It wasn’t like she had any friends she could bring. When she was dating Lasse, it seemed like he didn’t want them to be where there was a crowd, but rather be alone together or drive somewhere.
The ads already well underway… «Money back on the tax – money back on the tax» resonates from the screen. Gunnhild laughs for a bit since that`s still a bit weird and a bit funny. Maybe she ought to familiarise herself with this whole tax return business now during Easter; maybe her Mum could teach her about it. There are quite a few people in the small movie theatre, and still, there`s a steady flow coming in.
«Oh no, there’s Lasse!» Sara whispers suddenly and looks down towards the entrance to the movie theatre. «Don’t really feel like talking to him right now, do you?» «No!» Gunnhild says and gets almost a bit nervous. But he`s going to have to pass right by us; he can`t avoid seeing us. Lasse is checking the seat numbers on the tickets and starts to move up along the rows together with his friend. «Kiss me!», Sara suddenly says and looks at Gunnhild. «What? No…» Gunnhild answers a bit confused. «Yes, do it! Sara insists, it`s an emergency!» Sara leans towards Gunnhild. Gunnhild’s lips meet Sara’s. It seems strange, but it also feels a bit nice. Gunnhild closes her eyes. It kind of tickles. In her heart – but not anywhere else like it does when she kisses Luna…
It was a kiss with appropriate length, and when Gunnhild opens her eyes and their lips part, Lasse and his friend are standing close to their row looking at them. Lasse is looking at Gunnhild expressionlessly like he usually does when he doesn`t know what to say. The friend looks at Lasse and tries to hide a grin. Lasse says with a flat voice: «Hi Gunnhild. So you`re back on holiday and enjoying yourself, I see? » Then he gives Sara a short nod and moves on.
The girls giggle quietly until Lasse is a couple of rows behind them, and then Sara says a bit strict: «You didn`t need to use your tongue!»  «Oh, sorry», Gunnhild answers and looks down, but I was kind of thinking about Luna…»  After the film, the girls make their way outside with the others in the movie theatre. That’s when someone behind them is shouting Gunnhild’s name. Gunnhild turns around. «Hi, haven’t seen you in a while!» says one of the girls who are coming towards them. She looks Sara up and down and gives her a strange smile. «What are you doing these days?» she says to Gunnhild. «Oh, I’m in Gen Ed at Firda», says Gunnhild. “Oh, at Firda?», the girl says. She turns to her friend and says: "But isn`t that where Billie is also, just in Music Education? And that friend of hers… Luna, was that her name?». Then she turns to Gunnhild and says, «Yeah, cause you probably know them? At least Luna, cause it looks like you both hang out with that crowd…». She kind of fake laugh and her friend tries to stifle a giggle. Gunnhild can’t quite catch if they’re being nice or disdainful, but Sara takes Gunnhild’s hand determinedly, and drags her along while she says «Come Gunnhild, we really don’t have to put up with this!»


Fanfic about Sara    ( by June)


Sara gazed into space and felt completely numb after talking with her Mum on the phone. Or talked… Her Mum had been very brief when she told her Auntie Lilly had passed. Her voice had had that suffering tone which emphasised that the grief was hers, and hers alone. Lilly had been her Mum`s Aunt and had perhaps been the one closest to her, as close as anyone could get Sara`s Mum. During the last years, she had lived at the retirement home, and her memory had worsened gradually.


Sara felt like she became nine years on the inside, and reminisced about the safety in Auntie Lilly`s home. She knew that it had been Auntie Lilly who had been the warmth and love in her childhood. When Sara saw herself through Lilly`s eyes, she became kind og gentle; worth loving. It was a lovely reflection to grow up with. A silent grief over gradually losing Auntie Lilly had been hibernating, but now it woke and filled her eyes with tears and her throat with a big lump. She only managed a few squeaking words to console her Mum and was as usual left with feeling like it was her fault. Her Mum ended the phone call with sighing dejectedly, and told Sara she could come to the funeral next week, if she managed to get time out from school, even though she had cut too many classes already.


After laying on her bed exhausted for a while, Sara got up to do something. Anything. Sometimes she acutely felt like she had no energy, but she never stayed down for long. It was scary feeling like you were losing all your energy. When you`ve only got yourself to rely on, you can`t be weak.


Was Gunnhild in her room? No, it was empty in there. Luckily, she and Gunnhild were friends again. The shared thoughts and laughs the same way as before. Maybe they`d even gotten closer? Gunnhild had made Sara express things she had kept to herself earlier, in fear of seeming weak. The loneliness, the feeling of not being good enough, rejection….Gunnhild understood that. And Sara could reflect herself in Gunnhild`s eyes, as well in her poems.


Sara walked on to the empty hallway, apparently there was nobody here on the ground floor. But somebody was making their way down the stairs. She recognised the steps, it was Torstein. Her heart skipped a beat. It was so hard with Torstein. And what did he want? What did she want herself? She could turn around and walk quickly back to her room so he wouldn`t notice her, but her body froze and she stayed were she was. When she looked into his eyes, it was like electricity coursing through her, and something broke loose. It was the lump in her throat. Torstein looked at her with his soft, brown gaze and Sara couldn`t hold back. She needed comforting. Inside she was nine years old with a sensation of beeing all alone in the world. She couldn`t keep herself from sobbing loudly, and felt her face turning into a raisin with slits for eyes and a trembling mouth. This wasn`t how she `d planned on meeting Torstein, while she was dissolving. But she couldn`t hold back her sorrow and loss. Everything jumbled together and she didn`t know if she was mourning one person or another, Auntie Lilly, her Mum, a child… or Torstein… But when he put his strong arms around her and scrutinised her without saying a word, and he brushed her hair from her face so her tears ran freely, she felt it then; She`d missed him so much!
«I don`t know what`s happening to me, but I never meant for this to happen!» she said. What would Torstein think? He liked the funny, cute Sara, not the crying, helpless Sara. What if he couldn`t stand being near her, and left – or even worse; imagine if he pitied her? Sara didn`t know what to do and just stood there leaning on Torstein. She could feel the pulse in his throat. He smelled familiar and good. He was wearing the sweather she gave him for his birthday. Her shoulders sank and at once she felt calm and heavy. «You said you needed time, Sara. I don`t want to scare you off. I`m trying to figure out what you need. But can we talk? I think about you all the time…» His voice thickened. He pulled away from her a little, and his hands slid down to her hips while he kind of tried to find answers in her face. He bit his soft lip a little, but his eyes didn`t wander. It seemed almost if he found the answer he was looking for, because he pulled her close again, harder this time, with his entire being. He kissed her ear. His breath shortened.
But then: Was someone there? There were noises outside. They pulled apart automatically. Sara took Torstein by the hand and they found her room, and her bed. Emotions were coursing through them, and their yearning bodies lead them onto familiar paths. They didn`t need to talk, they recognised each other, they could get straight down to business.
It was Torstein who stopped and breathed heavily. He pulled Sara close to him so that she was laying on his arm, with her back against him. He kissed her ear again. They lay completely still. «I think I know what you need now, Sara». Sara started crying again. Where did all the tears come from? She never used to cry. And definitely not while someone was watching her. But the nine-year-old inside her didn`t seem to hold back. And at the same time.. the other yearning in her body… How was it possible to feel like a child and a woman at the same time? Did Torstein notice it? 
Sara stopped thinking and allowed herself simply to be present, listen to their breath, and heartbeats, both hers and Torstein`s. She was so incredibly tired. Not weak, but she needed rest. Torstein was stroking her hair, shoulder and arm. Until. She. Fell. Asleep. And he would be there when she woke up again.





Fanfic about Ivar  -   ( by Gry )

His father called him again wondering if he is coming home on Friday. He needs help with the barn, as always, and Ivar says yes - as always. His father has no one else to ask for help, and it is not his fault that he has poor health. Ivar was helpful when he stilled lived at home, especially the year after lower secondary school. He postponed starting highschool and didn`t get a job. It was okay. The farm, moped driving og gaming filled the days. And his father needed him. 

To start school at Firda went better than he feared. The mountain tour at the beginning of the year, when he met Sara, made promises of new experiences and something to enjoy. It did’nt happen the way he hoped. Torstein pulled the longest straw again. So it had been since kindergarten. Torstein was always first og he was sad if he didn`t get his will. Ivar was the nice guy. They played well together and where good friends after all. Ivar was comfortable with his role.
They grew up and remained friends. The more painful it was that Ivar was constantly reminded that Torstein and Sara were together. Their laughter in the hallways. Sara caressing Torsteins neck, the sounds through the walls at night…. Ivar thought he was going crazy. It was a reliefe to escape into the computergames and forget about everything else. And when his father asked if he could come home, he always said yes. 
But Ivar felt a strong desire. He longed for closeness and release for everything on hold. And he felt a growing frustration about beeing «that guy» who no one listened to. Good at adapting. The one that made others happy. 
Usually he liked being there for others. He often drove his friends if they were going somewhere. And take Gunnhild for example when she wanted to lose her virginity – he would be happy to help her with that. A little embarrassing to think about now. But he couldn`t have sex with Gunnhild when his thoughts were with Sara. He had felt stupid.
To have sex. For Ivar it was not a technical matter. It wasn`t just about bodies. All kinds of emotions were woven into this mystery and he could not separate them. He wished he was more cynical. Things had probably been easier then. But Ivar knew he couldn`t ignore his feelings. He and Gunnhild had that in common: they couldn`t flip off their feelings like a switch.
Ivar remembered the night very well. Gunnhild and the others had a meeting about floor washing. She sent him a message and wondered if he would watch movies with them when the meeting was over. Sara and Torstein were no longer together. Ivar felt his hole body tingling. 
Sara sat so close next to him that he felt her breath. All the suppressed emotions emerged. All the feelings that he had tried to control. Now was the time. He and Sara finally understood each other. He felt that everything made sense. He was the right one, the one she could trust, the one who could give her peace of mind. He held her. He gave her his heart, he gave her everything.
Afterwards they lay next to each other. She said it had been nice and she cuddled with his hair. He just knew Sara needed him in her life and he felt a deep joy. 
Later he understood that they had not been as close as he thought they were. There was an universe between them, but he didn`t realize it until afterwards. After the theater performance at school. 
He hadn`t noticed what the play was about. He had just seen Sara; her red dress, her soft skin, her blue eyes, her hair, her voice…. Her voice had been warm and soft, but afterwards it was cold as ice. She was done with him. Now he was just that guy again. 
He should have known it. Sara always does what she wants. He had to keep a distance. Eventually it went over, but he still avoids her. And he notices that he needs distance to Torstein too. Ivar does`nt want to play his old role anymore. And he is still not sure how to be himself. 
Maybe that`s why he needs the role play now? Luna judges him and says he doesn`t have a life. But what does she know about dragons and adventures? Behind the screen a new world has opened ut. A world where he got to know Frida. He is moving towards unknown land and Frida is with him. The gaming universe is full of excitement, romance and magic. In the post-apocalyptic world there is need for heroes and friends you can trust. You can be who you want and your wishes come true. 
Time flies by. Often it gets late at night and that is when he meets Frida. They collaborate in the game and talk about everything. She is curious about him and they share the same humor. Frida is nice. He can`t feel her breath or touch her skin. But he knows she has a warm heart. He can feel that. Frida is warm.